Morphing Vertex Shader

This vertex shader takes two different models and interpolates between the sets of vertices over a specified time. This allows a model to grow smoothly from one formation into another as if it was "morphing." This shader was written in HLSL as well as supported in C# with Microsoft's XNA Game Studio.

Pixel Shader Testbed

This is a selection of pixel shaders I created when working on Alpha Morph. Never having worked with shaders before, I had a week to learn shaders and understand the pipeline. This testbed was created to prepare myself for creating the morphing vertex shader above.

Daily Draw Album

This was a website I created with a python backend that allows me to upload images to an instagram like photo album from anywhere. I post a lot of my drawings here.

Shawn's Image Uploader

Holland Sales Team Website

This was a website I created with a PHP backend. It allows users to log in and view pricelist and catalogues of a furniture company. It has a small CMS system for the owner to control and give access to new users as well as edit images and text on the site.

Game Job Finder

This is a personal project that I began working on in the Fall of 2010. It helps automate the process of finding a job in the video game industry. It's running on Google App Engine Tech.

Link (no graphics yet)

Maya/Panda3D Level Editor

While working as a research assistant on a simulation environment for the Game Intelligence Group, I spent most of my time writing scripts to aid the production process of PHD students. One of the most repetitive and time-wasting procedures was the placement of objects in our game world. We were constantly adding new models into the environment and guess-checking their coordinates. Since I had already created a xml based level editor for Softimage XSI, I ported the system over to Autodesk Maya 2008.

I must clarify there are two solutions below. The first solution I created is a level editor developed inside of Maya. After finishing the Maya solution, our team realized that not everyone who would be using our system would own a copy of Maya. The decision was made to create a stand-alone program in wxPython which allows for the importing of panda's native model files which can be created with any 3D software.

Maya Solution

wxPython Solution

Realtime Visual Debugger

This is a python script I created to aid the debugging process for one of our A.I. developers. Initially he was using the console for debug information to place objects in the world, but was wasting a lot of time. This visual debugger eases that task.